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Island Slang

In October, 2007 over the course of a weekend Island Slang (http://www.islandslang.com) was born. I Literally had an idea for a small web 2.0 app and implemented it over a 3 day weekend. It is a site that lets people define slangs used in different islands across the world anonymously. The app is written in C# ASP.NET 2.0 (webforms) with a SQL Server 2005.

After developing Island Slang, I did about 10 minutes research on google adsense (using google search of course), added an ad bar to the right, hit publish and broadcast on my facebook wall that my new site just emerged into existence and sit back and waited for the rush of millions of visitors to the site. Of course that didn’t happen, but what did is a constant very tiny trickle of folk ranging from 1 – 10 visitors per week, with approximately 6 percent of them click an ad, which results in a few pennies added to my adsense account.

So after 3 years of the site running adsense earnings just hit $8. Not quite a good return on investment monetary wise, but was a fun and easy project, and I definitely did learn alot about creating a web presence and now I see that there is a significant amount of work needed to succeed in the web ad business.

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